Risk Management

Risks, defined as harmful or unexpected happenings, are potentially everywhere.  In order to minimise and manage your risk careful assessment is required. This involves planning to identify where you might be susceptible to loss or damage. Theft, loss, or damage of property or someone being injured are the common risks that require assessment and cover.

Identify & Assess

Control Threats to Capital & Earnings

Risks or the potential for a risk is part of business in today’s world. To be prepared you need to assess your risks and ensure you are covered for these. In today’s world, Risk management is vital to the success of a business.


These threats, or risks, could occur due to financial uncertainty, legal liabilities, strategic management errors, accidents, natural disasters whereby your business, building, fixtures and fittings maybe be lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed


 It is important that you and your insurer identify risks that could affect, even threaten your earnings and capital. To do this properly Insurers assess each risk, calculate the probability of the risk occurring then place a cost value on this to calculate how much they would need to pay out if you as a policyholder sustained a loss and made a claim. This assessment determines the cost of your policy.


 At Sirius Insurance we take Risk management seriously and we are here to take the hassle out of organising your insurance. Our team of Risk Management specialist will utilise the insurance industry’s most respected resource tools and programs to assist you to get the right specific Risk Management Advice and minimise your risk exposure.


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