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Heavy Machinery & Equipment Insurance


Whether you work above ground or below ground Sirius Insurance can cover you. We cover all types of heavy machinery and equipment. Whether fixed or mobile, registered or unregistered. The list goes on. No machine or value is too big.


Cranes & Lifting




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What does our Machinery and Equipment Insurance cover?

The Essentials

Accidental Damage, Vandalism & Theft. Policies can be tailored to also include cover for hired in plant, loss of revenue, breakdown, road risk and legal liability.

Lease Liability

Extension Cover

Important if you are leasing your Heavy Machinery & Equipment.  We will cover you over and above the market value in the event of a total loss.

Trailer in Your Control Cover

If you hire/lend another party’s trailer and damage it, due to fault or not at fault, our policy will respond.

Hire Vehicles Cost Following Thefts

Cover for hire cost whilst awaiting replacement vehicle.

Vibration Cover

= Vital Cover

Cover if whist working your machinery on a job site you crack the wall of a house and they sue you for damage, the policy will cover or defend you.

Professional Advice Cover

If you give advice (not for a fee), and that advice causes injury or damage, policy will defend or pay.

Goods Lifted Cover

Covered if lifting any third-party goods with excavator arm (for example) and this causes damage to goods.

Public Liability Insurance

Cover in the event that your business is legally liable for property damage or personal injury. 


Sirius Insurance can take the confusion out of insuring your heavy machinery and equipment - So let our highly experienced and friendly professionals help you. We will:

Review your individual situation

Identify key risks

Understand your needs

Arrange instalment repayments

Provide guidance & advice

Offer you options

Save premium costs

Offer ongoing support

We’re here to find you the right equipment insurance, at the right price.


Our specialist industry advisers can take the hassle and cost out of organising insurance and give you coverage that is competitive AND comprehensive.

Wide range of insurance products

Risk management strategies

Solutions tailored to your needs

Expert technical advice 

Heavy Machinery & Equipment Insurance

Sirius is the specialist in Heavy Machinery & Equipment Insurance. We specialise in cost effective insurance solutions for all owners and operators.

Our aim is to provide you with thorough policy cover and benefits at discounted prices.


We have access to a wide range of insurance products and carriers in Australia to ensure you get coverage that is competitive & comprehensive.


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